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Solutions with Government DNA

To bring development into actionable successful results, Dynamic Government solutions combine related processes and service channels into a ready-to-deploy business applications that covers governmental needs across all axes:

  • G2C: Governmental Services for Companies & Individuals
  • G2E: Governmental Services for Employees
  • G2G: Cross Organization Services

Solutions that fit you. Not the other way around

Choose one, some, or all. Dynamics Government applications are made to work together, and with your existing systems, for a comprehensive solution that connects your entire operational processes.
DG365 Core Solutions
Workforce Management Solutions
Community Engagement Solutions
Employee Services Solutions
Build Your Process Solutions
DG365 Core Solutions

A Complete Modular Solution for Budget Planning, Spending Management 
​& E-Service Automation

The Dynamics Government 365 Core Stack comprises of modular solutions that work together to provide a seamless end-to-end process. The Planning & Procurement solution is designed to manage the entire procurement process of a government organization from start to finish. It is equipped with a robust process compliance and management feature, allowing any government agency to deploy an e-service within minutes.

  1. Starting from planning next fiscal year’s spending.
  2. Followed by centralized management of forecasted purchasing needs.
  3. Integrated Vendor Management module.
  4. Completed with procurement processes management.
  5. Complemented with Process Compliance & e-service maagement.
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Workforce Management Solutions
​Dynamic Government 365 | Workforce management solutions offer several benefits for government organizations, including improved service delivery, better resource management, increased efficiency and productivity, enhanced compliance and risk management, and improved transparency and accountability. These solutions can help optimize resource allocation, automate manual processes, and reduce errors, redundancies, and administrative burdens. Moreover, workforce management solutions can provide real-time visibility into workforce activities, enabling efficient scheduling and job allocation, and facilitating effective communication and collaboration among teams. By improving compliance and risk management, workforce management solutions can help organizations ensure regulatory compliance, minimize the risk of legal or ethical violations, and facilitate data collection and documentation. Additionally, workforce management solutions can help improve transparency and accountability by providing real-time updates on workforce activities, enabling efficient tracking and reporting, and facilitating effective communication with stakeholders. Overall, workforce management solutions can help government organizations improve the overall quality of their services and enhance customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Dynamic Government 365 Core Solutions ...

Mobile Workforce

Discover how using mobile workforce management solutions can improve service efficiency and accuracy, while helping you to manage your resource in the field when they are on the go. 

Governmental Real Estate

Learn how to optimize the management process of governmental properties and improve supplier relationships while achieving better resource utilization and cost reduction.

Meeting Management

Learn how to optimize meeting operations and activities with a modern software solution that can revolutionize the way organizations conduct meetings.

Work Shift Management

Learn how organizations can improve the management of work shift rosters, engage their teams, and simplify shift calendar management.

Community Engagement Solutions
Employee Services Solutions
Build Your Process Solutions

Transforming Government Process

Our approach is to deliver information management platform and process automation solutions rather than just an application. In which, a backend administration module will be controlling the mobile application contents as well as providing to business administrators the capability to extract useful intelligence. 

In this approach, we utilize best technologies, ready tools and accumilated experience to transform any process into a digital form, and connect it with service end-points, enabling organizations to rabidly deploy automation solutions.
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Omni-Channel Service Delivery

Deliver actionable information whereever it's most useful and needed.

Dynamic Governement service channels are avaialable across all solutions and applications. Helping organization to deliver unified process and service management to best usable experiences to individuals, inside and outside the organization.

Service Portals

Mobile Apps

Notification Services

Contact Centers

Connected Eco-System

Dynamic Government platform apps are built to focuse on business functions, while being empowered by the best technology enablement toolsfrom a world-class information management Eco-System from Microsoft Corporation

Powerful alone. Better together.

The Microsoft Power Platform provides a toolbox of powerful process automation, data integration and business intlligence capabilities that empower Dynamic Government solutions to fullfil any modern organization requirements for a complete digital transformation.

Read more about how Power Platform components empowers Dynamic Government Solutions

Create impact faster. Adapt to anything.

Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of intelligent business applications that delivers superior operational efficiency and breakthrough experiences, enabling Dynamic Government solutions to become more agile and reduce complexity without increasing costs.

More than just cloud hosting.

With the integrated cognitive services and variety of hosting options, Microsoft Azure helps extending service channels of Dynamic Government apps, as well it helps localizing the distributing the platform micro-services for better management and performance.

Reinventing familiar productivity.

Dynamic Government solutions are natively integrated with Microsoft 365 apps. which helps organizations to boost productivity of employees by delivering actionable information to apps that they are familiare to use every day. They will also never have to remember additional usernames and passwords.

Read more about different use cases of intagration with Microsoft 365 apps and Dynamic Government solutions